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2009-11-16 17:07:12 by prancog

Patient's Worth has decided that you need to deserve to make albums that are an hour and twenty minutes long, and that we had too many songs for it anyway as it was clocking in at over a full CD before we were finished.

We will now be releasing two EPs and a full length.

You Are But a Thought
This strange EP represents a certain time in the lives of the PWorth members and it spans across Novembers to bring you closer to the end of the world, but more importantly, the reasons it is ending.

Nature's Imagination (Is Greater Than Man's)
This EP will be our version of "chill" music, while painting soundscapes that represent anything from a peaceful walk in the forest, to a desert ocean, to the creation of and destruction of natural beauties.

The Phantom Mantoplexium
This full length will be discussed further later. It is set in alternate universes where life breathes intelligence, karma exists to its fullest extent, and man can create his own supernatural beings.

Fuck yea

2009-11-05 09:42:43 by prancog

Sometimes girls are really great...

sometimes they are really crazy...

is that why we love them?

Cause I still cant figure it out.

But at least I'm happy today.


2009-10-23 09:30:41 by prancog

Glad I finally got the music on here. Gonna keep posting as much as I can whenever we release albums. The next Patient's Worth album, You Are But a Thought, is awaiting vocal interference to make scary music pretty, soft music shinier, and heavy music downright frightening.


2009-09-22 02:24:00 by prancog

I'm going to finish posting my full album on here once the mods finally give approval.