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Pretty decent

I can see the musical representation of your feelings. The ending is the best part in my opinion. That's really what it sounds like to lose someone like that.

Better than Soulja Boy

Best part of this is the beat. You are too white to rap about "pussy" and use words like "tha," "cuz," "pimp swag," and your "gat." Sorry man. It's nothing special. Think about complicating your style and creating some sort of personality that is less generically "rap."

DJTHURPP responds:

ha ha thats funny to white to rap and all of those lame words were written by some one else. this really isnt my song i just remastered it for this guy on here that needs serious flow help. check it out and tell me its not a major difference.
http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/283323
and as a matter of fact my pimp swags on point and i listened to your shit and i bet your not standing on any stages in your area. so fuck off racist

Pretty decent, but

I like this song, but the background vocals are not sounding good, even excluding the vocal quality. What I do like actually, is the vocoder with the bad quality vocals. You should redo the background vocals that go behind "lay me down" with higher quality, and turn them down. Then, keep the bad quality vocals with the vocoder, and then when a full band comes in behind it, make the quality good again, with no autotune. Just a suggestion.

Dj-PinkWalrus responds:

heeheehee. That's not a vocoder. That's just the way my voice sounds when it's recorded over a phone and autotuned. I can't sing well, so I use cheap autotune, play my talkbox, use a vocoder, or make my bandmate sing! This time, it was autotune, which makes me feel ashamed. And I must agree that the background vox aren't too hot. In terms of keeping the low quality cellphone vox for a bit and then adding a full band, I must disagree with the two suggestions. I clog arteries baby!!!

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